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touchdown turnaround

i never see you around

morgan lisa
23 January 1989
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hey! i'm morgan. ♥
abt, aeropostale, apollo, ballet, ben folds, black, black eyeliner, black nail polish, box car racer, boys, brand new, bright eyes, buffy the vampire slayer, burritos, caffeine, cats, chinese food, chipotle, chocolate, chucks, coffee, cons, converse, cookies, curling up in bed, dance, dashboard confessional, democrats, dirty dancing, ducks, emo, empire records, etnies, eyeliner on guys, ferris bueller's day off, fire, firefly, forever 21, fountains of wayne, froggies, frolicking, from first to last, green day, guys, harry potter, hidden in plain view, homestarrunner, honesty, hot clothes, hot pink, hugs, ice cream, james marsters, jellyfish hands, jimmy eat world, john mayer, johnny depp, joss whedon, kissing, klingons, lord of the rings, love, love actually, lucifer, mae, making out, matchbook romance, misfits, monkeys, mst3k, my awesomest sister adrienne, my chemical romance, my coffee pajamas, nerds, newspaper, our lady peace, pac sun, pale scrawny guys, panera, paul frank, penguins, photography, photoshop, pride and prejudice, reading, sascha radetsky, sci-fi, science fiction conventions, senses fail, seth green, sharpies, shopping, simple plan, sixteen candles, skaters, sleeping, small animals, smiles, something corporate, spicy food, spider-man, st. therese, star trek, star wars, starbucks, strong bad, sugarcult, sunglasses, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tall guys, teen girl squad, the all-american rejects, the ataris, the breakfast club, the calling, the cheat, the clash, the cure, the darkness, the killers, the plain white t's, the sex pistols, thursday, tobey mcguire, vampires, weird al, wet seal, writing, yellowcard